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is there a "small fieldstone" mold? (topic)
I found this great pic online. I was just curious if there was a "small fieldstone" mold?
Questions and Modeling Tips


09/12/15 02:32:33
HeroQuest 3D board - HirstArts molds. (topic)
Hi! Very nice to meet you all. Like Mr. Hirst, it all started with HeroQuest. Now that im almost at my 40's its time to fire up another torch to keeping the light on. I want to begin a new project where the awesomeness of HeroQuest backs...
Questions and Modeling Tips


03/02/15 20:26:46
Suggestion on building premade D&D/Pathfinder maps? (topic)
Hey everyone, I was hopping for some tips and/or suggestions as how to build premade maps from d&d/pathfinder adventures. So a couple questions to the people who have attempted recreating these with HA 1) How did you account for the...
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07/20/14 06:19:28
Magnetising terrain?  (topic)
Hey guys, been browsing the forum for a few days now and thought it was time I got posting! Im working on a Super Dungeon Explore board set and have it all planned out using a combination of #82, #203, #281 & #75.  Im good on the...
Questions and Modeling Tips


05/29/13 15:10:21
Ideas for multi level super dungeon explore board  (topic)
Ive seen some of the great boards made with ha tiles. Can any one give me some advice on how I might make board with multiple heights? How do I keep weight down? What makes best basing materials.
Questions and Modeling Tips


08/13/12 12:26:18
Dungeon a Day  (topic)
Are any of you guys familiar with Monte Cook's "Dungeon a Day" project? Link--> want to run this superdungeon, and I'd love to have enough rooms and passageways from Hirst to do it. I've got molds...
Questions and Modeling Tips


08/29/11 16:54:17
Modular Dungeon Wall Question  (topic)
I just got all of the Gothic wall molds and I'm excited to start building modular dungeon tiles to use for D&D. I was wondering if anyone has tried to make their dungeon tiles with the walls only attached to 1" of floor tiles. I like...
Questions and Modeling Tips


05/06/11 15:42:01
Cartography: Dungeon plans  (topic)
Does anyone know of a website, where you can download, see, design, (whatever) plans for dungeons and or mazes/labyrinths? I'm looking for a bit of inspiration. Edit: Here's some info. Edit: Here's a sample map
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08/29/09 20:27:35
Dungeon Twister Board  (topic)
Hello there, I'm currently seriously considering making a Dungeon Twister 3D board based on the layout shown on Bruce project page. It would be 1.5" for each tile, separated by 0.5" spacer pieces. One board would be...
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02/09/09 20:18:27
small dungeons  (topic)
Just wondering if anyone has ever actually made a small scale dungeon (for use with something like Pendraken's 10mm stuff)?
Questions and Modeling Tips


03/20/08 01:29:37
Yet another modular dungeon/city/sewer question  (topic)
Hiya guys, WarninG! - Newb questions in close proximity Some time ago I bought my first Castlemolds, and I went about casting, I'm waiting for some material to arrive so I can get the final touches in place, then I'll post...
Questions and Modeling Tips


02/14/08 12:49:35