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Those pesky air bubbles! (topic)
Hi Everyone,I am returning to the Hirst Arts world since I was a wee tad.  I am attempting to re-create a homemade set of Warhammer Quest (*the drums thunder as Games Workshop beings to moderate this thread *) using the molds I had in...
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10/12/14 04:28:30
Northern utah casting party (topic)
Hey guys, Ive been wanting to set up a casting party to get a bunch of my non molding friends interested. I have been building structures and game boarda around them long enouph that they are getting curious. I know that one or two of...
Questions and Modeling Tips


08/28/13 18:27:06
Long time creeper with a question (topic)
Coming back to molding after a long break. Casting with Tufstone. Having a tough time dealing with ratio, and fibers? Any advice would be grateful.
Questions and Modeling Tips


08/27/13 00:00:16
Noob Can't Get Rid of Bubbles (topic)
Hey all, I'm a little desperate for help here. I got my first molds this week (#70 fieldstone walls and #203 cracked floor), and this is the first time I have done plaster casting of any sort. I've been casting with hydrostone (I live in...
Questions and Modeling Tips


08/02/13 06:31:16
Casting intricate pieces/undercuts  (topic)
So what's the deal with casting things with somewhat involved details or sharp points? Is it impossible, does it never work... I've been making a lot of different textures in my sculpey and some of them would make great molds but I don't...
Questions and Modeling Tips


05/31/10 04:19:16
Casting Material  (topic)
Hi All,First post here I'm in Ontario, Canada, right beside the border with Niagara Falls NY.Two questions:1. Does anyone know of a casting supply place where I can get Merlin's Magic or Excalibur/Die-keen in the Niagara Falls or Buffalo...
Questions and Modeling Tips


04/28/10 13:22:39
Casting in cold temperatures  (topic)
After a long hiatus caused by me living in a townhouse, I now have a place where I can begin modeling again. The problem is that that place is my unheated garage. The winters here don't get too terribly cold (40s-50s) and I don't...
Questions and Modeling Tips


12/20/09 14:53:17
vibrating table  (topic)
inspired by Bruce vibrating table I decided to make one. In stead of an vibrating massager I had an old shuffle sander I would use instead of buying a new one. I took a piece of plywood I had laying around, and fasten the sander on the...
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11/12/09 18:55:26
Casting in... rubber?  (topic)
I'm trying to start making a boat in Hirst tiles, and am running into the problem of how to make my wooden planks curved. It just occured to me that I might be able to cast them in latex rubber, glue them to a slat back (popsicle...
Questions and Modeling Tips


06/25/09 16:44:29
Want to cast clear pieces  (topic)
My son and I are building a WizWar board, and he thought it would be cool to create a clear cast of a wall section. Is it possible to use Envirotex Lite or some other material safely with the silicone rubber molds without special...
Questions and Modeling Tips


01/10/09 00:20:07
figurine casting help  (topic)
can someone give me advice on a good material to use for casting a small 1"x3" figurine? I want something I can sand and paint after and please caution about mold release requirements, etc.. I'm using tufstone now. Help. .
Questions and Modeling Tips


01/02/09 22:56:05